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South asian health issues watch online

The BMJ's collection on "Health in South Asia" brings together leading health experts from across the region to discuss health priorities and advance the health agenda for the Asia represents a vibrant, dynamic, and fast growing region of the world and is home to . Eye health and health The eye condition acute glaucoma and chronic disease can affect anybody, but people from south Asian communities have a higher risk. Having diabetes increases the chances of developing disease, and research suggests . Oct 06,  · Three hundred and fifty of them gathered in Geneva, Switzerland, from August I, along with some colleagues, had the privilege of meeting some of these millennials from South Asia, and talking to them about the top four issues that most concerned them.

South asian health issues
South asian health issues

Similar to other communities of color, there exist tremendous disparities in health outcomes and indicators among the Asian American community. Disproportionate burdens of health conditions affecting this population across the United States include cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hepatitis B, and osteoporosis. National-level data indicate that cancer is the leading cause of death among Asian Americans. In particular, Asian Americans have the highest rates south asian health issues liver and stomach cancers. They are nearly three times more likely to develop liver cancer than non-Hispanic whites south asian health issues twice as likely to develop stomach cancer. Asian Americans account for approximately half of the chronic hepatitis B cases a precursor to liver disease and cancer in the United States, are five times more likely than the U.

South asian health issues
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South asian health issues
South asian health issues
South asian health issues
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