Despite being 35 years old, superstar Cristiano Ronaldo still owns an extremely impressive body and is admired by millions of people around the world.

In the new photo posted by Ronaldo, the Portuguese star’s body is still very firm with chest and shoulder muscle masses and especially the 6-pack abdomen, although not thick, but very prominent.
Ronaldo’s body was obtained not only by playing football but also the result of hours of hard training at the gym.

In addition to specialized foot exercises for football competitions, the Juventus star also regularly practices the upper body.
Here’s a look at Ronaldo’s upper body workout that you can apply to your existing program.


Quantity: 10 – 15 times
Impact: Chest – abdomen – bucket – front arm

Push the back hand against the seat

Quantity: 20 times
Impact: Back arm


Quantity: 20-30 times
Impact: Chest, hind arms

Turn to hit the ball

Quantity: 15 times
Impact: Abdominal muscles, intercostals

Push the dumbbells over your head

Quantity: 10 times
Impact: Shoulder, legs

Note when exercising
Ronaldo often practice the above exercises in a sequence, then repeat 2 more times. Thus, the training session will consist of three sequences. Between each sequence, the practitioner can rest for 2-3 minutes.
In addition to upper body training, you can refer to Ronaldo’s lower body exercises to add to his training program.