According to Neowin, Fitness+ will offer a variety of different fitness and workout routines. It recorded in the studio by professional coaches. Exercises integrate with Apple Watch. Therefore, when the coach asks users to check their heart rate, that information is marked on the watch.

There are also a number of clock animations and features to encourage users, such as by displaying a countdown timer during stressful times so users can know how close they are to completion.

Apple Fitness+ will be available in the app on iPad, iPhone, and Apple TV. This app provides users with quick access to workouts. The service allows users to filter exercises by coach, type, duration or music. It also provides recommendations based on the user’s exercise habits. This pulls information from previous Fitness + workouts. The Apple Watch Workout app, and other third-party services linked to the Fitness app on Apple devices. Since the app is available across multiple Apple platforms, users will easily track their workout progress on their favorite display.

With the Apple Fitness Plus service, users can watch and follow the instructions of 10 different sports such as yoga, dancing, cycling, walking on the machine … on iPhone devices, iPad or Apple TV.

Devices for fitness app

Apple Fitness+ requires version 14.3 of iOS, iPadOS or tvOS, as well as watchOS 7.2. The subscription cost for the service is $ 9.99/month or $ 79.99/year, allowing family sharing with up to 6 people. In addition, users can subscribe to the Apple One Premier plan. This plan includes Fitness + along with other Apple subscription services and 2 TB of iCloud storage for $ 29.95/month.

While exercising, they can also use an Apple smartwatch to track exercise performance metrics. According to the Apple announcement, many of the exercises offered in the app do not require additional equipment. Anyway, or just a few dumbbells. However, many other exercises require the practitioner to have available equipment such as bicycles, running tables …