Fitness difference The difference between Fitness training and other bodybuilding exercises is that it focuses on the curves of the body. Fitness gives the practitioner a healthy body. and the most balanced. Fitness was born in the 70s of last century in Western countries. Then, it was put into competition by the World Bodybuilding Federation […]

How long does it take to practice each day to be healthy?

This year, when the epidemic situation around the world restricted the movement, the sport, many people applied sedentary and lack of physical activity. However, physical exercise is quite necessary because it is a great way to protect against diseases such as hypertension, cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus type 2. In addition, exercise also helps protect people […]

Squat Tutorials And The Most Standard Advanced Variations

Mention the exercises to help develop the third round as quickly as possible. Surely many people think of Squat right next to training sessions with a treadmill or exercise bike. And also a lot of people think this movement is simple. You just need to sit down and stand up. This is also the reason […]

The deception of exercises helps ‘slim in 2 weeks’ (part 1)

Experts say that more people are willing to spend an hour watching fitness influencer videos than taking the time to practice themselves. Fitness influencers are the ones with a large following on social networks. Through sharing information and knowledge in the fields of health and fitness, they can influence the behavior of many people, especially […]