The process of formation

Bodybuilding is widely known in the 1950s and 60s of the 20th century. One of the most prominent events is the Mr. Competition. Olympia was first held in 1965, while Fitness was a recent branch.
Bodybuilding: This is the subject, the fitness industry, is a subject using heavy exercise equipment like weights, specialized exercise machines, etc. to make the muscles of the body maximum follicle.
Fitness: Body Fitness was born as a new form of competition, to meet the needs of those who want to have a good body without following the way of competition of the bodybuilding sport (Bodybuilding). Body Fitness emphasizes the aesthetic beauty of the body and the harmony of the muscles.
Bodybuilding and Fitness have many similarities, such as aiming for a perfect body by the standards of each competition. There is an undeniable fact that Body Fitness is derived from Bodybuilding.

fitness model

Those following these two types have to spend a lot of time, sweat, effort in the gym and even money to change the body to pursue the ideal type.
While both of these are intended to build big and clear muscle mass, Body Fitness seems “easier on the eyes” and “beautiful” to the vast majority of people than Body Building.
Saying that does not mean that body building is bad, but just the goals and preferences of different training.
According to Muscle and Fitness (a magazine that provides information on everything about fitness – bodybuilding), these two schools have a lot of differences in the way of training and nutrition.

Body shape
In general, BodyBuilding (Body Builder – BB) athletes will have massive, thick, and sharp muscles. Muscles stand out in a particularly impressive way, with clear mass distribution. In short, very massive and terrifyingly loud.
Meanwhile, Fitness models (Fitness Model – FM) will have more moderate muscle thickness, softer muscle mass, moderate mass, and less sharpening. In short, look more muscular and well-proportioned.

fitness and bodybuilding

Bodybuilders have a primary goal of “gaining great muscle mass”. Muscles have to be so big that they can “explode” in competitions. The small muscle groups are still “tortured” as meticulously as possible.
Bodybuilders’ training plans often include exercises with a small number of repetitions that focus on high weights.
They rarely participate in cardio (Cardio) exercises or use low weights, they regularly stimulate their muscles to the maximum limit. During recovery, the muscles are rested and compensated so they can become swollen.

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Meanwhile, according to Obi Obadike – a Fitness expert in the world, the main goal of this type is “to have a healthy and balanced body”. They are not interested in building too large muscles.
Fitness models spend a lot of time on large muscle groups (back, chest …). Once they have a physical foundation, they’ll look for a six pack abs and pay more attention to their legs and buttocks.
Fitness models’ exercise routine is usually to spend half of the training program for Cardio and the rest is to lift weights. To build lean muscle, they focused on the number of weights with a lower weight than the Bodybuilders.