Yoga practice time
The minimum time to properly practice yoga at home is about 15 minutes, which includes warm-up and post-workout relaxation. Under this time the exercise has no effect. Longer exercises also make the muscles ache, best in about 10-15 minutes for one exercise with continuous positions. Practicing yoga in the morning to make muscles gradually supple, yoga in the evening should choose relaxing movements that make the body comfortable after a tiring day.
If you practice in the morning, you should practice breathing before doing the asana. If you practice yoga in the evening, do the exercises first and then breathing after 15 to 30 minutes. If practicing late at night requires instruction, do not salute the sun many times after 8pm.

Entering the training session with an empty stomach
Many experts recommend that you should not eat 2 hours before training. This is fine for the practitioner, but it is best to practice with empty stomach, so morning when you wake up is considered the best time to practice Yoga.

The sick person can still practice yoga, but should be very careful in consultation with coach and doctor
The human body is structured differently, and the intellectual ability and ability to concentrate the will of each person are not the same, so the movements should be instructed separately for each person. For example, the bridge posture is not suitable for people with back pain, cardiovascular disease, low blood pressure, headache.

Therefore, it is very dangerous to practice yoga without the careful guidance of medical or sports professionals. Especially, when you practice Yoga at home, it is necessary to have the guidance and advice of professional instructors to be able to practice Yoga at home properly, to avoid the patient having dangerous problems during the practice.

Restart thoroughly and properly
Warm-up is an indispensable step in the correct practice of yoga at home. There are many people who look down on the warm-up period before practicing without knowing that this stage is very important, especially when practicing Yoga.
Before training, warm up for about 15 minutes with the movements of rotating joints, muscle tension … This process is very necessary to help the muscles relax, gradually adapt to the increased intensity of exercise afterwards, decrease minimum injury encountered while exercising. As the muscles relax, become more pliable and flexible, you will find it easier to perform the difficult asanas. If you do not start, the tendon muscles are not stretched, still hard, the body has not been warmed up, then when you practice muscle, tendon and bone injury is very easy.