If you are planning to find a way to lose weight for beginners, DAS Diet can not be missed. This is a weight loss regime designed for Vietnamese people by Nguyen Hoang Anh – a passionate bodybuilder and has a “great” follow-up on all social channels today.

In essence, DAS Diet (Dr. Anh’s Secret’s Diet) is a form of Low Carb but it is a variation of 5 different Low Carb diets (including the famous Atkins Diet) to best suit the diet. Nutrition of Vietnamese people. Especially those who are in the early stages of regaining beautiful body.


He believes that the most effective, scientific diet must be based on daily eating habits and culture. Perhaps this is true when the DAS Diet method has been “widely spread” and its effectiveness has been demonstrated. Many nutritionists also assess that the DAS Diet is internationally possible.

The main purpose of DAS Diet is not really for you to lose weight fast but mainly for you to be aware of the nutritional value of the food every day. When your mindset changes, there’s nothing to stop you trying for a good body.

Based on the principles of the Low Carb diet, DAS Diet also requires cutting maximum Carb intake in every meal. Carbs and fats are the two main sources of energy that help the body function. When you cut Carb leading to excess fat will be the only source of energy the body will use to operate. From there, the excess fat will be reduced quickly and weight will be reduced.