Small biceps exercises by doing push-ups

To do small hand exercises at home, push-ups are probably the most sensible and effective exercise. The push-up action works on the same triceps – a large muscle area that occupies the most of the entire biceps. With this exercise, women just do the push-ups in the usual way and feel the impact on the arm muscles. After a while, your biceps should be much cleaner.
Alternatively, if you find this little biceps familiar and a bit boring, you can try doing some push-ups with a ball. The implementation is very simple, instead of placing your feet on the floor, you will prop your feet up on a large ball and push in the usual way.

Biceps mini exercises with chair

Another compact biceps exercise that has a big impact on the triceps area is with a chair. This exercise is relatively difficult but is particularly effective. To do this, you just need to choose a chair with a moderate height and practice. If you don’t have a chair, you can also be flexible by using the side of the bed as a support. This small hand exercise at home is as follows: You stand with your back facing a chair or the edge of the bed, put your hands on the chair, your fingers facing your body and positioned wider than your shoulders. Slowly lower the body down from the chair as far as possible, then use the force of both hands to lift the body up to the original position. Repeat this movement several times.

Practice small biceps for women with biceps on the floor

One of the most popular biceps exercises is biceps on the floor. This exercise is quite simple but equally effective, especially they are relatively easy to practice. Here’show to do this small biceps exercise: You sit on the floor, your legs bent together on the floor. Hands support back with shoulder-width distance, palms facing inward. When doing this, you use full force in the biceps to lift the hips off the ground, arms straight. Hold this position for about 1 second and then with your hands, lower your body to the original position. Repeat this small hand exercise at home daily for best results.