In addition to finding motivation in friends and coaches at the gym, you can follow the world-famous gymer later to have more will to practice.


Attila Toth is also a young bodybuilder, he possesses remarkable muscle mass along with a handsome face that is admired by many women. He arrived in Miami at the age of 16 and graduated from an international school here. In addition, he has been accepted to 13 universities in the US, and eventually he chose Temple University in Philadelphia, but because of his fitness career, he had to temporarily put aside his studies. That career began when he won the top prize in a bodybuilding competition and since then he has received more invitations to collaborate from brands in the field of fitness.


Following more than 300k proves the attraction and attention of the people for the famous gymer Dominick Nicolai quite a lot. On Instagram, this guy regularly posts photos of his fitness process.
Born and raised in California, he soon had a passion for fitness from an early age. At the age of 4, Dominick began weightlifting and watched many fitness videos to learn how athletes train. Finally, thanks to his perseverance and proper diet, the boy began to notice changes in his body that made many people pay attention.
To get the body as solid as it is now, Dominick has to practice seriously 5-6 days/week. For this guy, a perfect body must have a balance and symmetry thanks to hard training.


Known as the expert on round 3 improvement, Bret Contreras has been the bodybuilding coach for Hollywood stars like Kate Upton, Matt Damon and Viggo Mortensen. Having a Ph.D degree in Sport Science, the knowledge shared by Bret Contreras is not only accurate but also highly practical. This is exactly why so many people follow him on Instagram.


The above names may be strange, but for Jeff Seid, he is a famous gymer and is known by many young people and makes him an idol. Possessing a great body and his masculine beauty, Jeff Seid deserves to be the inspirational trainer for the gymer.


Karena and Katrina from California met for the first time in the gym and since then established their own fitness studio. Karena Dawn is a triathlon model and athlete and Katrina Scott is a health science student. Setting up the Instagram tone it up account since 2009, two girls, one Personal Trainer and one fitness model, have developed their fitness youtube channel into a multi-million dollar brand. Active sharing fitness videos and cooking videos, Karena and Katrina have built a community of women who love fitness. The daily menu of these two girls is indispensable for protein shake, yogurt, salads, and a large amount of seafood protein.