According to science, you do not need a long diet or exercise a lot to lose belly fat.

Losing belly fat is the most obvious result of weight loss. However, there is often too much hype about the effects of a particular weight-loss method like dieting or some serious form of exercise over the long term.

In fact, scientists have shown that the actual weight loss methods are much simpler. Here are 5 steps supported by the scientists.

Increase metabolic rate

A fast metabolic rate will help you burn fat faster and more efficiently. Therefore, increasing the metabolic rate in the body is the key to burning belly fat fast.

This is the most basic step to speed up belly fat loss. Applying a combination of the following methods is considered the key to speed up metabolism in the body.

Prioritizing a reduced starch diet

Losing carbs, not starches, is the safest and longest way to lose weight. When cutting back on carbs, increase your protein intake with fiber-rich vegetables to maintain the right energy levels for exercise.

Increasing vigorous exercise

Instead of long-term low-intensity exercise with a slow fat burning rate, you should increase and boost your body’s fat-burning ability by doing more vigorous exercise.

You can do the heavy lifting in the room, doing high-intensity HIIT exercises. This will both burn energy quickly while boosting the body’s metabolic rate after exercise.

Stress management

Stress is considered one of the leading causes of belly fat storage. This is because when stressed, the body produces more cortisol for relief. However, high levels of Cortisol will also release more insulin, leading to a feeling of hunger later on.

Getting enough sleep

Many studies have shown that lack of sleep is directly related to weight gain. Therefore, getting enough sleep is the easiest way for you to promote safe belly fat loss.