Sports is the core of a quality life. Daily practice is a good habit for health. This is the “golden” key to help avoid overweight, obesity, cardiovascular disorders and above all, very good for brain health, improving cognitive function, get fitness body,..
Here are 9 amazing benefits of exercise.

Sports practice improves memory
Exercise helps increase blood flow to the brain, so that the brain is adequately oxygenated. The result is increased concentration and improved memory and learning ability.

Exercise slows down the occurrence of nerve degeneration
While exercising increases blood flow to the brain, in the long run this improves the ability to “turn on and off” some genes. The new nerve cells stimulate the memory centers in the hippocampus, helping to fight degenerative neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s. If you exercise every day, you can avoid age-related degeneration or brain bleeding.

Reduce anxiety and stress
Muscle Stimulation Exercises – This is a great remedy for people with anxiety problems. During exercise, the body releases serotonin and dopamine, which are effective in soothing stress and anxiety.
Physical activity increases nerve conduction. This explains why physiotherapist recommend physical activity in the treatment of depression due to an increase in the “happiness” hormones endorphine and serotonine.
Exercising to reduce fatigue during work
Work-related fatigue often occurs when the amount of blood to the brain is insufficient, and light exercise and exercise help increase the amount of blood and oxygen to the brain.

Exercise increases sex drive
Practicing yoga, cardio exercises … bring significant improvements in women with reduced sex drive. For men helps to improve erection.
Increase confidence
Regular, regular physical activity strengthens and stimulates an area of ​​the brain called the “frontal-striatum” pathway, when this area is stimulated to increase self-confidence. Also playing sports helps you integrate more with the community. Improving confidence is one of the great benefits of physical activity.
Eliminate stress patterns
In life with work stress, you can relieve stress with physical activity for about 30 minutes a day. These physical activities help the body cope with stresses through an increase in norepinephrin in the brain. There is also a decrease in the levels of cortisol – a hormone responsible for this problem. Practicing sports can also help you temporarily forget your troubles in life.
Sports practice helps to rejuvenate the brain
Sports exercise habits are related in rejuvenating the brain, helping to regulate some brain functions … In addition, it also helps the brain, neurotransmitters and muscle fibers be maintained in a state of “rejuvenation” biologically. Daily exercise not only burns calories but also helps you to have a clear mind.
Find out what sports you enjoy, and make it a daily routine for a healthy and happy life.