Exercise has many good effects for health, that everyone knows, but to maintain vigorous exercise regularly is not easy. Suddenly you want to quit exercising at some point, which is not good for your health or psychology. So what to do to stay excited when exercising?
Every time you give yourself a break from exercising, you have a good reason. For men, sometimes working is too tiring, when it is yesterday to go to a party today, the person is tired … For women: I taught my children to study for exams and cannot practice today. I am on a “red light” day, I practice without losing weight so I am bored … You quit training for one session or two sessions and then in a few days, until you get used to it, your body doesn’t get used to it right away, it looks so tired. Depression can easily lead to quitting practice.

For people with a lot of work pressure who is tired and stressed, it is easiest to quit exercising. But only movement can help the body increase metabolism, create conditions for the body to secrete endorphins against stress response, help the spirit feel refreshed, sleep better than usual … and will decrease. be tired. However, fatigue can impair coordination and balance. Therefore, heavy exercises should be avoided. Martial arts exercises will help you focus on the positive, so you can become more optimistic. In addition, qigong is the ideal practice to help clear the mind, while yoga has the effect of bringing relaxation.

You should follow these basic training principles: Choose the time and place that is most convenient for you, best suited to your lifestyle. Work out gradually at each level: practice regularly for 20 minutes daily or 3-4 times / week, after 1 month, increase your training time to 45-60 minutes / time. If you are overweight, or have health problems, you should see your doctor for a preliminary check before starting an exercise plan.
Find a reputable gym, nice space and relax. Try to persuade someone to practice with you. Buy some dance CDs you love to get some inspiration from your practice. If the weather isn’t good and you can’t get out, turn on music and practice simple movements for 15 minutes. Never do a double exercise one day, and then do nothing the next.