You promised yourself to be really determined this time, and you did that by eating only lettuce, jogging and sipping on protein bars for the first three days. Then only a few days later you find yourself gobbling down the Wall’s ice creams, forgetting your promises. What happened? Perhaps you are not motivated enough, perhaps, but don’t worry. If you are really determined you can avoid the “no-meal” diet, and build yourself a healthy, stable eating habit.

Motivate Yourself to Lose Weight Step 1

Motivate Yourself

Setting realistic goals. Assuming you say “I want to lose 20kg in the next few weeks“, this is an unrealistic goal because to increase 20kg is not easy, then for what reason that weight can leave so quickly. It will be very frustrating if you set goals that are too hard to reach.
Get advice from a medical professional to find out what your goals should be in the appropriate weeks or months. Remember not to imitate others but to follow their diet or exercise, as it will depend on your current weight, age, activity intensity, gender, and so on.
Consider hiring a coach (more on this later). Once your body is tidier, you should find out how much you can function, because you may be wondering what the goal is practical. A good trainer can help you build a plan to reach your physical fitness potential.
In general, the slower the weight loss, the harder it is for you to gain weight again. Losing weight too quickly is often a sign that your body is in a state of exhaustion, your metabolism is weak, which makes you feel uncomfortable, tired, and usually you will not be able to recover.
Half a kilogram is equal to 3,900 calories. So if you cut about 600 calories a day without increasing your physical activity, you could lose half a week.

Motivate Yourself to Lose Weight Step 2

Finding a companion.

You should find a friend to take advantage of team power. The more you motivate someone, the more you have to explain what you do, or simply practice with you, the more motivated you are to continue the long way ahead.
Ideally, a friend has the same health goals. Assuming a 45-year-old woman is trying to lose 20kg with a 21-year-old friend who needs to lose 5kg, this is definitely not a match.
The Internet can be a place to find weight loss companions. There are currently many weight loss websites to help you find like-minded people, which is especially helpful if none of your friends fit you. If you want you can also quietly pursue your work.
Choose your personality match. If you don’t like the person, he or she can turn the training into an unpleasant experience and you will have no motivation to continue.
Depending on your diet, this person may help you build healthier eating habits, exercise more, or both. It is good to be able to find a friend to go shopping with! Generally, you should be close to someone who can make you feel happier throughout the process, without forcing you to compete.