Gym gloves
In the gym, there are many exercises that use wrists, hands to hold, hold, lift, support, hold, … If the practitioner experiences a lot of hand sweat when exercising, the hands are slippery, the grip is less easy. causing danger or causing pain, then gym gloves are a great helper for you.

Not only helps avoid bottlenecks, increases grip, grip, reduces pressure on the hands, maximizes support for lifting exercises, pushing weights, on bars, gym gloves are protective items. Dedicated to help professional gymer and novice avoid injury and bring higher training efficiency.

Wrist strap
In the push exercises including: Pushing, horizontal push, barbell push or machine push, chest push or exercises with dumbbells, shoulder exercises … should use wristbands. Wrist wrap is effective to prevent, protect the wrist joint from injury and promote the ability to reduce joint pain, restore and fix joints when being injured.

Shoulder joint protector
Shoulder joint pain, shoulder dislocation, shoulder injuries are very common injuries with gyms. So shoulder joint protection belt is an indispensable product for those who have weak shoulder muscles to help keep the shoulder joint firmly, avoiding loose joints leading to intense motor injury; Reducing impact gravity on the shoulder if accidentally falls during exercise; Protect the shoulder from dangerous injuries such as: tear cartilage shoulder, joint dislocation, fracture shoulder, …

Foam cushion to support the weight
This item is a great assistant when doing exercises that use a large weight to avoid injuries in the shoulder and neck such as: redness, skin abrasions, broken blood vessels under the skin. At the same time, the foam padding will help the practitioner maintain the training posture, avoiding the slippery – slip – shake bar.
The foam cushion is designed to be thick, hugging the bar, not only creating a smooth feeling, but also distributing the weight evenly in the shoulder – neck area to minimize the risk of injury as much as possible.

Gym back belt
Squat, heavy weight exercises make the body very susceptible to dangerous injuries, especially the back. So the belt is an indispensable protective item for the gymer. When wearing the back belt, the abdominal muscles will be put under great pressure, making the spine stronger, helping to improve balance and stability during exercise.