Gotze revived its form thanks to yoga

Mario Gotze left Borussia Dortmund in July after his contract ended. He became a free agent before recruited by PSV Eindhoven. In the new club shirt color, the German midfielder played 2 matches, with 2 goals so far.
According to Bild, in the period from July to October, Gotze practiced twice a day and 6 days a week with his personal coach. Former Dortmund player practicing kick-boxing and yoga during his unemployment.

He hired a Korean yoga coach named Cho Young-sun to guide the exercises. On his personal page, the 37-year-old coach regularly posts training photos with Gotze.
The German hero at the 2014 World Cup shared after signing with PSV: “I received many offers in the summer but felt and made the best decision for myself. I feel ready. for a new challenge and confident this will be the right transition for me “.

The 1992 midfielder was not the only player to practice outside football during his unemployment. Before signing with Man Utd, Edinson Cavani also returned to his hometown of Uruguay to attend ballet classes to maintain flexibility along with physical and muscle training.
Last season, Goetze made 21 appearances in all competitions for Dortmund, scoring 3 goals but could not compete with the club’s stars even when tested in many different roles.
After returning from Bayern Munich in 2016, the player constantly faced illness and injury. In 2017, he had diagnosed with Myopathy, a disease that causes muscle atrophy and impaired fitness. A year ago, Goetze even injured the wrist ligament and faced hair loss.

5 upper body exercises create 6 sharp packs like Ronaldo

Despite being 35 years old, superstar Cristiano Ronaldo still owns an extremely impressive body and is admired by millions of people around the world.

In the new photo posted by Ronaldo, the Portuguese star’s body is still very firm with chest and shoulder muscle masses and especially the 6-pack abdomen, although not thick, but very prominent.
Ronaldo’s body was obtained not only by playing football but also the result of hours of hard training at the gym.

In addition to specialized foot exercises for football competitions, the Juventus star also regularly practices the upper body.
Here’s a look at Ronaldo’s upper body workout that you can apply to your existing program.


Quantity: 10 – 15 times
Impact: Chest – abdomen – bucket – front arm

Push the back hand against the seat

Quantity: 20 times
Impact: Back arm


Quantity: 20-30 times
Impact: Chest, hind arms

Turn to hit the ball

Quantity: 15 times
Impact: Abdominal muscles, intercostals

Push the dumbbells over your head

Quantity: 10 times
Impact: Shoulder, legs

Note when exercising
Ronaldo often practice the above exercises in a sequence, then repeat 2 more times. Thus, the training session will consist of three sequences. Between each sequence, the practitioner can rest for 2-3 minutes.
In addition to upper body training, you can refer to Ronaldo’s lower body exercises to add to his training program.

Efficient Fitness exercises achieve the fastest Body Fitness.

Fitness is a fit, a fit. According to the definition in the dictionary, Fitness indicates a person who can be fit, healthy and have a healthy lifestyle. The general meaning of Fitness is a sport that helps people complete their bodies, helps them live healthier and better lives.

When practicing any type of practice, we should learn the right way to avoid wasting time and effort. Here are the most effective Fitness exercises to achieve the fastest body fitness.
Fitness is a fit, a fit. According to the definition in the dictionary, Fitness indicates a person who can be fit, healthy and have a healthy lifestyle. The general meaning of Fitness is a sport that helps people to complete, live healthier and better.

The fastest and most effective Fitness exercises.
Basic training -Core training.
It is a fundamental training element that any trainee who starts to practice Fitness must go through.
These exercises are intended to improve and enhance movement and balance.
On the other hand, it also contributes largely to fat burning and toning the abdomen, back, thighs and hips (central muscle groups).

Cardio training.
A system of exercises aimed at improving and enhancing the cardiovascular and respiratory system, helping the practitioner have a healthy heart.
Cardiovascular exercise helps to push the practitioner’s heart rate up to the appropriate tolerance limit to increase the ability to withstand many high pressures from work and life or avoid breathing problems.
In addition, it is an efficient energy burning method.

Balance training.
This is a key exercise for the following exercises.
Helps increase control of the nervous system to muscle groups.
Exercises that require a combination of core muscle groups (abdomen-waist-back-thighs) with other muscle groups in the body helps to tone and reduce excess fat.
Helps the body improve posture control and keep joints stable in the most optimal way.
This training element also helps the body burn very high energy in a very short time….

Speed, Agility training.
A system of exercises aimed at improving and developing the speed of the whole body or a specific muscle group.
Helping the body become more flexible and agile in order to effectively perform all activities not only in practice but in daily activities.

Flexibility training.
Is a system of exercises aimed at exercising the stretching and resilience of muscle groups.
Helps the body improve its ability to move.
Reduce the risk of injury.
Increases blood circulation to muscle groups.
Improve body circulation.
Soothes back pain and other muscles.


Yoga practice time
The minimum time to properly practice yoga at home is about 15 minutes, which includes warm-up and post-workout relaxation. Under this time the exercise has no effect. Longer exercises also make the muscles ache, best in about 10-15 minutes for one exercise with continuous positions. Practicing yoga in the morning to make muscles gradually supple, yoga in the evening should choose relaxing movements that make the body comfortable after a tiring day.
If you practice in the morning, you should practice breathing before doing the asana. If you practice yoga in the evening, do the exercises first and then breathing after 15 to 30 minutes. If practicing late at night requires instruction, do not salute the sun many times after 8pm.

Entering the training session with an empty stomach
Many experts recommend that you should not eat 2 hours before training. This is fine for the practitioner, but it is best to practice with empty stomach, so morning when you wake up is considered the best time to practice Yoga.

The sick person can still practice yoga, but should be very careful in consultation with coach and doctor
The human body is structured differently, and the intellectual ability and ability to concentrate the will of each person are not the same, so the movements should be instructed separately for each person. For example, the bridge posture is not suitable for people with back pain, cardiovascular disease, low blood pressure, headache.

Therefore, it is very dangerous to practice yoga without the careful guidance of medical or sports professionals. Especially, when you practice Yoga at home, it is necessary to have the guidance and advice of professional instructors to be able to practice Yoga at home properly, to avoid the patient having dangerous problems during the practice.

Restart thoroughly and properly
Warm-up is an indispensable step in the correct practice of yoga at home. There are many people who look down on the warm-up period before practicing without knowing that this stage is very important, especially when practicing Yoga.
Before training, warm up for about 15 minutes with the movements of rotating joints, muscle tension … This process is very necessary to help the muscles relax, gradually adapt to the increased intensity of exercise afterwards, decrease minimum injury encountered while exercising. As the muscles relax, become more pliable and flexible, you will find it easier to perform the difficult asanas. If you do not start, the tendon muscles are not stretched, still hard, the body has not been warmed up, then when you practice muscle, tendon and bone injury is very easy.

Fitness exercises to shrink biceps for women at home

Small biceps exercises by doing push-ups

To do small hand exercises at home, push-ups are probably the most sensible and effective exercise. The push-up action works on the same triceps – a large muscle area that occupies the most of the entire biceps. With this exercise, women just do the push-ups in the usual way and feel the impact on the arm muscles. After a while, your biceps should be much cleaner.
Alternatively, if you find this little biceps familiar and a bit boring, you can try doing some push-ups with a ball. The implementation is very simple, instead of placing your feet on the floor, you will prop your feet up on a large ball and push in the usual way.

Biceps mini exercises with chair

Another compact biceps exercise that has a big impact on the triceps area is with a chair. This exercise is relatively difficult but is particularly effective. To do this, you just need to choose a chair with a moderate height and practice. If you don’t have a chair, you can also be flexible by using the side of the bed as a support. This small hand exercise at home is as follows: You stand with your back facing a chair or the edge of the bed, put your hands on the chair, your fingers facing your body and positioned wider than your shoulders. Slowly lower the body down from the chair as far as possible, then use the force of both hands to lift the body up to the original position. Repeat this movement several times.

Practice small biceps for women with biceps on the floor

One of the most popular biceps exercises is biceps on the floor. This exercise is quite simple but equally effective, especially they are relatively easy to practice. Here’show to do this small biceps exercise: You sit on the floor, your legs bent together on the floor. Hands support back with shoulder-width distance, palms facing inward. When doing this, you use full force in the biceps to lift the hips off the ground, arms straight. Hold this position for about 1 second and then with your hands, lower your body to the original position. Repeat this small hand exercise at home daily for best results.

Injury room in gym with following protective items

Gym gloves
In the gym, there are many exercises that use wrists, hands to hold, hold, lift, support, hold, … If the practitioner experiences a lot of hand sweat when exercising, the hands are slippery, the grip is less easy. causing danger or causing pain, then gym gloves are a great helper for you.

Not only helps avoid bottlenecks, increases grip, grip, reduces pressure on the hands, maximizes support for lifting exercises, pushing weights, on bars, gym gloves are protective items. Dedicated to help professional gymer and novice avoid injury and bring higher training efficiency.

Wrist strap
In the push exercises including: Pushing, horizontal push, barbell push or machine push, chest push or exercises with dumbbells, shoulder exercises … should use wristbands. Wrist wrap is effective to prevent, protect the wrist joint from injury and promote the ability to reduce joint pain, restore and fix joints when being injured.

Shoulder joint protector
Shoulder joint pain, shoulder dislocation, shoulder injuries are very common injuries with gyms. So shoulder joint protection belt is an indispensable product for those who have weak shoulder muscles to help keep the shoulder joint firmly, avoiding loose joints leading to intense motor injury; Reducing impact gravity on the shoulder if accidentally falls during exercise; Protect the shoulder from dangerous injuries such as: tear cartilage shoulder, joint dislocation, fracture shoulder, …

Foam cushion to support the weight
This item is a great assistant when doing exercises that use a large weight to avoid injuries in the shoulder and neck such as: redness, skin abrasions, broken blood vessels under the skin. At the same time, the foam padding will help the practitioner maintain the training posture, avoiding the slippery – slip – shake bar.
The foam cushion is designed to be thick, hugging the bar, not only creating a smooth feeling, but also distributing the weight evenly in the shoulder – neck area to minimize the risk of injury as much as possible.

Gym back belt
Squat, heavy weight exercises make the body very susceptible to dangerous injuries, especially the back. So the belt is an indispensable protective item for the gymer. When wearing the back belt, the abdominal muscles will be put under great pressure, making the spine stronger, helping to improve balance and stability during exercise.

4 fastest workout methods to increase muscle mass for gym goers

There are many methods of exercise to gain muscle mass. However, currently the most popular are 4 methods including: Traditional weight gain, method of over training threshold – Max OT, Super Set method and Drop set method.
These four methods are all based on the heaviest weight you can do at most once – 1RM to determine the weight.
In addition to effective exercise, you should stick to a diet rich in protein and fortified foods like whey protein for the fastest muscle recovery and growth.

Traditional weight gain method

This is a fairly popular practice method in the past. When exercising with this method, you will gradually increase the weight and decrease the number of lifts.
To work with this method, you first need to determine the heaviest weight you can lift 1RM. You can refer to how to calculate 1RM according to the article below:
Then, for each exercise you will practice with 4 sets. In which, 1st and 2nd half are warm-up cards 3 and 4 are main innings. Keep each set you should rest for 90 – 120 seconds.

  • First half: Warm-up exercise from 12-14 times with a weight of about 40-50% of 1RM
  • Second half: Exercise 8-10 times with a weight of 50-60% of 1RM
  • Round 3: Exercise 6-8 times with a weight of 70-80% of 1RM
  • Round 4: From 4-6 times with a weight of over 80% of 1RM

The Max OT method – exceeding the threshold

Unknown subject

Max OT stands for Maximum Overload Training which means excess training. This method is thought to help you gain muscle mass quickly.
With this method, you don’t need to gain weight often, but you’ll need to do it with a fixed weight.

  • Each training session lasts from 30-40 minutes;
  • Each training session focuses on only 1 muscle group or 2 muscle groups but related to each other such as chest muscles – hind arms, bucket muscles – front arms;
  • The weight when exercising Max OT is from 80 – 90% of 1RM;
  • Each exercise will be performed 4-6 times;
  • Each muscle group will have to train up to 6-9 heavy sets;
  • After 8-10 weeks of training with Max OT, you will have 1 week of complete rest.

Super-set method

Super set is a practice method developed recently. With this method you can not only gain muscle but also lose fat at the same time.
When doing the super set, you will have to train with high intensity so that the muscles have to work at maximum and develop in size quickly. This method is as follows:

  • Combine from 2 exercises in one set. If increased by 4 cards will be called Giant-set;
  • Do not rest between exercises in the set;
  • Weight of weights from 70 – 80% of 1RM;
  • Practice from 8 to 12 times with 3 innings.

Drop-set method

Drop set is a practice method that is the opposite of traditional training methods. If traditional practice exercises from light to heavy and reduce the number of exercises, Drop-set exercises from heavy to light again and gradually increase the number of times.

  • 1st half: Push hard with weight about 80% of 1RM about 6-8 times;
  • Second half: Push hard with weights weighing about 70-60% of 1RM;
  • Round 3: Push hard with dumb bells from 50-60% of 1RM;
  • Round 4: Push hard with weight from: 40 – 50% of 1RM;
    Note, you should take very little rest between sets, only about 10-15 seconds to help maximum muscle function.

How to maintain an exercise routine?

Exercise has many good effects for health, that everyone knows, but to maintain vigorous exercise regularly is not easy. Suddenly you want to quit exercising at some point, which is not good for your health or psychology. So what to do to stay excited when exercising?
Every time you give yourself a break from exercising, you have a good reason. For men, sometimes working is too tiring, when it is yesterday to go to a party today, the person is tired … For women: I taught my children to study for exams and cannot practice today. I am on a “red light” day, I practice without losing weight so I am bored … You quit training for one session or two sessions and then in a few days, until you get used to it, your body doesn’t get used to it right away, it looks so tired. Depression can easily lead to quitting practice.

For people with a lot of work pressure who is tired and stressed, it is easiest to quit exercising. But only movement can help the body increase metabolism, create conditions for the body to secrete endorphins against stress response, help the spirit feel refreshed, sleep better than usual … and will decrease. be tired. However, fatigue can impair coordination and balance. Therefore, heavy exercises should be avoided. Martial arts exercises will help you focus on the positive, so you can become more optimistic. In addition, qigong is the ideal practice to help clear the mind, while yoga has the effect of bringing relaxation.

You should follow these basic training principles: Choose the time and place that is most convenient for you, best suited to your lifestyle. Work out gradually at each level: practice regularly for 20 minutes daily or 3-4 times / week, after 1 month, increase your training time to 45-60 minutes / time. If you are overweight, or have health problems, you should see your doctor for a preliminary check before starting an exercise plan.
Find a reputable gym, nice space and relax. Try to persuade someone to practice with you. Buy some dance CDs you love to get some inspiration from your practice. If the weather isn’t good and you can’t get out, turn on music and practice simple movements for 15 minutes. Never do a double exercise one day, and then do nothing the next.

Great benefits of exercise for brain health

Sports is the core of a quality life. Daily practice is a good habit for health. This is the “golden” key to help avoid overweight, obesity, cardiovascular disorders and above all, very good for brain health, improving cognitive function, get fitness body,..
Here are 9 amazing benefits of exercise.

Sports practice improves memory
Exercise helps increase blood flow to the brain, so that the brain is adequately oxygenated. The result is increased concentration and improved memory and learning ability.

Exercise slows down the occurrence of nerve degeneration
While exercising increases blood flow to the brain, in the long run this improves the ability to “turn on and off” some genes. The new nerve cells stimulate the memory centers in the hippocampus, helping to fight degenerative neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s. If you exercise every day, you can avoid age-related degeneration or brain bleeding.

Reduce anxiety and stress
Muscle Stimulation Exercises – This is a great remedy for people with anxiety problems. During exercise, the body releases serotonin and dopamine, which are effective in soothing stress and anxiety.
Physical activity increases nerve conduction. This explains why physiotherapist recommend physical activity in the treatment of depression due to an increase in the “happiness” hormones endorphine and serotonine.
Exercising to reduce fatigue during work
Work-related fatigue often occurs when the amount of blood to the brain is insufficient, and light exercise and exercise help increase the amount of blood and oxygen to the brain.

Exercise increases sex drive
Practicing yoga, cardio exercises … bring significant improvements in women with reduced sex drive. For men helps to improve erection.
Increase confidence
Regular, regular physical activity strengthens and stimulates an area of ​​the brain called the “frontal-striatum” pathway, when this area is stimulated to increase self-confidence. Also playing sports helps you integrate more with the community. Improving confidence is one of the great benefits of physical activity.
Eliminate stress patterns
In life with work stress, you can relieve stress with physical activity for about 30 minutes a day. These physical activities help the body cope with stresses through an increase in norepinephrin in the brain. There is also a decrease in the levels of cortisol – a hormone responsible for this problem. Practicing sports can also help you temporarily forget your troubles in life.
Sports practice helps to rejuvenate the brain
Sports exercise habits are related in rejuvenating the brain, helping to regulate some brain functions … In addition, it also helps the brain, neurotransmitters and muscle fibers be maintained in a state of “rejuvenation” biologically. Daily exercise not only burns calories but also helps you to have a clear mind.
Find out what sports you enjoy, and make it a daily routine for a healthy and happy life.

Compare Fitness with Bodybuilding

The process of formation

Bodybuilding is widely known in the 1950s and 60s of the 20th century. One of the most prominent events is the Mr. Competition. Olympia was first held in 1965, while Fitness was a recent branch.
Bodybuilding: This is the subject, the fitness industry, is a subject using heavy exercise equipment like weights, specialized exercise machines, etc. to make the muscles of the body maximum follicle.
Fitness: Body Fitness was born as a new form of competition, to meet the needs of those who want to have a good body without following the way of competition of the bodybuilding sport (Bodybuilding). Body Fitness emphasizes the aesthetic beauty of the body and the harmony of the muscles.
Bodybuilding and Fitness have many similarities, such as aiming for a perfect body by the standards of each competition. There is an undeniable fact that Body Fitness is derived from Bodybuilding.

fitness model

Those following these two types have to spend a lot of time, sweat, effort in the gym and even money to change the body to pursue the ideal type.
While both of these are intended to build big and clear muscle mass, Body Fitness seems “easier on the eyes” and “beautiful” to the vast majority of people than Body Building.
Saying that does not mean that body building is bad, but just the goals and preferences of different training.
According to Muscle and Fitness (a magazine that provides information on everything about fitness – bodybuilding), these two schools have a lot of differences in the way of training and nutrition.

Body shape
In general, BodyBuilding (Body Builder – BB) athletes will have massive, thick, and sharp muscles. Muscles stand out in a particularly impressive way, with clear mass distribution. In short, very massive and terrifyingly loud.
Meanwhile, Fitness models (Fitness Model – FM) will have more moderate muscle thickness, softer muscle mass, moderate mass, and less sharpening. In short, look more muscular and well-proportioned.

fitness and bodybuilding

Bodybuilders have a primary goal of “gaining great muscle mass”. Muscles have to be so big that they can “explode” in competitions. The small muscle groups are still “tortured” as meticulously as possible.
Bodybuilders’ training plans often include exercises with a small number of repetitions that focus on high weights.
They rarely participate in cardio (Cardio) exercises or use low weights, they regularly stimulate their muscles to the maximum limit. During recovery, the muscles are rested and compensated so they can become swollen.

kai green pro bodybuilding

Meanwhile, according to Obi Obadike – a Fitness expert in the world, the main goal of this type is “to have a healthy and balanced body”. They are not interested in building too large muscles.
Fitness models spend a lot of time on large muscle groups (back, chest …). Once they have a physical foundation, they’ll look for a six pack abs and pay more attention to their legs and buttocks.
Fitness models’ exercise routine is usually to spend half of the training program for Cardio and the rest is to lift weights. To build lean muscle, they focused on the number of weights with a lower weight than the Bodybuilders.