Breathing exercises promote lung health

Exercise breathing depending on the purpose of the exercise to enhance health or restore, improve respiratory diseases. Therapeutic breathing exercises are often indicated in lung disease with the restrictive disorder, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and mixed form, the purpose of restoring and improving lung function.
Regarding chronic respiratory diseases (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease – COPD, bronchiectasis, bronchial asthma, emphysema …), breathing therapy plays a very important role. Due to the impact on the physiological and mechanical factors of the respiratory function, therapeutic breathing exercises help the patient expel secretions so that the ventilation is easy, control the breathing and create relaxation during dyspnea, increase air exchange by practicing effective breathing and maximizing chest relaxation.
4-time breathing with buttocks and lifting of legs: 4-time breathing with buttocks and leg raises is to practice the synthesis of nerves, gas, and blood, the focus is on nerve training, active inhibition and excitement to The purpose of breathing well, at the same time also make the blood circulation. Practice: Lie on your back with pillows on your buttocks, in a quiet place.

Time 1: Inhale, even, deep, maximum, chest enlarged, belly swollen and stiff. Time ¼ breath “breath in, belly open” 4 seconds or 6 seconds, “inhale, chest enlarges, belly stretch”.
Time 2: Hold air, diaphragm and chest muscles are all constricted, larynx open, legs raised. Time 1/4 breath, then let your foot down “hold breath more” 4 seconds or 6 seconds, “keep trying to breathe more”.
Time 3: let out freely, don’t hold back, don’t push; time ¼ “Uncontrolled breathing” breath 4 seconds or 6 seconds; “Breathe out, don’t hold back, don’t push”.
Time 4: Complete relaxation, feeling heavy and warm. Implicative autism: my limbs are heavy and warm, my whole body is heavy and warm. Time 1/4 of “heavy warm rest” 4 seconds or 6 seconds; “Off time; heavy, warm hands and feet ”.

Time 1: Inhale, even, deep, maximally to be active in the breathing flow evenly and ensure maximum breath in depth to the end of the alveoli in the basal lung areas maximally enlarged, maximal abdominal bulge parallel be stiff, meaning that the abdominal muscles and pelvic floor muscles react back to the diaphragm to keep the viscera from falling. The positive pressure in the abdomen and the negative in the pleural space, the blood flows easily to the heart.
Time 2: Keeping breath is the most difficult and most complicated time because it increases breath performance, completes the exchange of O2 and CO2, enhances the active power of the body. The larynx must be open: To do that, after period 1, we have maximum breathing, the breathing muscles have contracted, then continue to contract more. The larynx was already open and kept open, the left neck was pulled down, and the necks were still hollow as before. The face does not change color, is not red, the throat does not bulge, the pressure does not increase in the lungs, no dizziness, no headache, no chest tightness, which is different from the case of confined air and gas.
At this time, there are raised legs about 20cm (as high as feet) and oscillating the feet to strengthen the contraction of the abdominal muscles, the hip muscles, and the pelvic muscles, making the abdomen stiffer, the diaphragm will contract more, inhale more. a little bit more to tighten my stomach. At the end of the 1/4 breath time, put your feet down to start period 3.
During this time it is also difficult to practice differentiation inhibition or differential relaxation: During periods 1 and 2 the breathing muscles contract to their fullest extent, often a diffuse euphoria occurs to other muscles such as muscles of arms, legs, lower jaw muscles, mouth muscles. It is necessary to focus on controlling the breathing muscles (maximum inhalation), not to spread to other muscles. The muscles that need to breathe will get excited, those muscles that don’t need to breathe will be suppressed, so there’s no waste of energy.
Time 3: Breath out, don’t hold back, don’t push: all the muscles are completely surrendered. Exhale is the weight and stretch of the chest and abdomen that deflates, so exhale only as close as possible (do not squeeze the abdomen and squeeze the chest to exhale more).
Time 4: Rest, relax completely so that the body feels heavy and warm. The autism one further implied, “My limbs are heavy and warm, my whole body is heavy and warm.

Waist Trainer Gen Waist Trainer – should or should not?

What is the “Waist Trainer Waist Garter”?
The Waist Trainer or the gene for the waist, corset, latex is a beauty tool, helping girls to have an ‘hourglass’ body. This beauty tool is more than 5 centuries old, it was born in the 1500s and was named ‘Waist Trainer’ from the Victorian period in the 17th century.

What is the use of the Waist Trainer Waist Trainer?
Wearing a gene shirt that tightens your waist after a certain amount of time will give you a slim, ‘ant’ shape. You can see stars like the Kardashian sisters or businesswoman Jessica Alba love using this Waist Trainer waist belt gene and they see this as a ‘magic wand’ that helps them lose weight quickly.

Mistakes when using the waist harness gene

You will eat fewer thanks to the waist harness gene
The fact that you eat less is because your stomach is being compressed, it is under great pressure from the belt so you feel full when eating. But using a belt does not put your body in a state of calorie deficit (the principle of weight loss). After removing the gene, your stomach returns to normal, the cravings will cause you to load ‘compensate’.

You will lose weight thanks to the waistband gene
Waist Trainer vendors claim their product will make you sweat, which is equivalent to 30-40 continuous exercise and you lose weight from there. It’s correct! You can lose weight due to dehydration, but the fat will not lose! If you eat salty (sodium causes water retention), your body will gain weight again.

You will get a ‘56 waistline’ thanks to the waist harness gene
As Ari mentioned above, the belt will compress your abdominal cavity, causing a feeling of the smaller belly. But according to an expert on weight loss nutrition, Christopher Ochner, at Mount Sinai Hospital, New York, USA, confirms that this 500-year-old belt will squeeze the lungs and ribs that make you, causing difficulty breathing, hindering the system. Respiratory. Even cause fractures and fractures of your ribs. There has been a case of fainting from wearing a gene for so long, he said.

How to Motivate Weight Loss (Part 1)

You promised yourself to be really determined this time, and you did that by eating only lettuce, jogging and sipping on protein bars for the first three days. Then only a few days later you find yourself gobbling down the Wall’s ice creams, forgetting your promises. What happened? Perhaps you are not motivated enough, perhaps, but don’t worry. If you are really determined you can avoid the “no-meal” diet, and build yourself a healthy, stable eating habit.

Motivate Yourself to Lose Weight Step 1

Motivate Yourself

Setting realistic goals. Assuming you say “I want to lose 20kg in the next few weeks“, this is an unrealistic goal because to increase 20kg is not easy, then for what reason that weight can leave so quickly. It will be very frustrating if you set goals that are too hard to reach.
Get advice from a medical professional to find out what your goals should be in the appropriate weeks or months. Remember not to imitate others but to follow their diet or exercise, as it will depend on your current weight, age, activity intensity, gender, and so on.
Consider hiring a coach (more on this later). Once your body is tidier, you should find out how much you can function, because you may be wondering what the goal is practical. A good trainer can help you build a plan to reach your physical fitness potential.
In general, the slower the weight loss, the harder it is for you to gain weight again. Losing weight too quickly is often a sign that your body is in a state of exhaustion, your metabolism is weak, which makes you feel uncomfortable, tired, and usually you will not be able to recover.
Half a kilogram is equal to 3,900 calories. So if you cut about 600 calories a day without increasing your physical activity, you could lose half a week.

Motivate Yourself to Lose Weight Step 2

Finding a companion.

You should find a friend to take advantage of team power. The more you motivate someone, the more you have to explain what you do, or simply practice with you, the more motivated you are to continue the long way ahead.
Ideally, a friend has the same health goals. Assuming a 45-year-old woman is trying to lose 20kg with a 21-year-old friend who needs to lose 5kg, this is definitely not a match.
The Internet can be a place to find weight loss companions. There are currently many weight loss websites to help you find like-minded people, which is especially helpful if none of your friends fit you. If you want you can also quietly pursue your work.
Choose your personality match. If you don’t like the person, he or she can turn the training into an unpleasant experience and you will have no motivation to continue.
Depending on your diet, this person may help you build healthier eating habits, exercise more, or both. It is good to be able to find a friend to go shopping with! Generally, you should be close to someone who can make you feel happier throughout the process, without forcing you to compete.

Effective weight loss thanks to the Das Diet

If you are planning to find a way to lose weight for beginners, DAS Diet can not be missed. This is a weight loss regime designed for Vietnamese people by Nguyen Hoang Anh – a passionate bodybuilder and has a “great” follow-up on all social channels today.

In essence, DAS Diet (Dr. Anh’s Secret’s Diet) is a form of Low Carb but it is a variation of 5 different Low Carb diets (including the famous Atkins Diet) to best suit the diet. Nutrition of Vietnamese people. Especially those who are in the early stages of regaining beautiful body.


He believes that the most effective, scientific diet must be based on daily eating habits and culture. Perhaps this is true when the DAS Diet method has been “widely spread” and its effectiveness has been demonstrated. Many nutritionists also assess that the DAS Diet is internationally possible.

The main purpose of DAS Diet is not really for you to lose weight fast but mainly for you to be aware of the nutritional value of the food every day. When your mindset changes, there’s nothing to stop you trying for a good body.

Based on the principles of the Low Carb diet, DAS Diet also requires cutting maximum Carb intake in every meal. Carbs and fats are the two main sources of energy that help the body function. When you cut Carb leading to excess fat will be the only source of energy the body will use to operate. From there, the excess fat will be reduced quickly and weight will be reduced.

“Little Hercules” -changed surprisingly after giving up the gym

In the early 2000s, the young Richard Sandrak was a famous name in the world thanks to his incredible achievements. At the age of 6, he had a muscular body, not inferior to any famous athlete. At the age of 8, he lifted the weight to 95kg and had amazing flexing ability. Turning 11 years old, he was called “the strongest boy on the planet”.
At that time, Richard attended major fitness events such as meals and was the character that inspired thousands of people around the world.

However, that achievement was not from heaven. Originally from a family with a martial arts champion father and a gymnast mother, Richard received high expectations.
He got used to the barbell when he was only 2 years old. After moving to California (USA) to live and have his own coach, what Richard must follow is even harsher. He had to practice all day without going out to play with his friends, sweets and unhealthy foods were also banned completely. Richard said, his training time sometimes up to 10 hours/day, more than professional athletes.

Although many people criticize Richard’s parents for training their children too harshly, he said he was not forced.
“My parents practice all day and I want to practice with them. That’s mostly my choice. I have never been forced. It has never been a problem,” he said in an interview later.
In 2003, at the time his father was imprisoned for assault, Richard became more comfortable. He also broke up with his personal coach and then gradually abandoned the gym. He was born in 1992 and then also appeared in a few movies but did not make a mark and sank into oblivion.

Richard attended several films but failed to make a splash.

In 2015, Richard made a comeback after appearing in an Inside Editon video. Here, his 24-year-old body is no longer 6-pack and muscular as before. He has long abandoned weights and switched to walking and windsurfing to work out. He revealed himself as a stuntman, in addition to participating in writing books, making training videos for children.

When he looked back on the past, he said he did not regret the past but decided to change because he did not want to “be stuck with that lifestyle”.

What is eat clean? How to make eat clean menu properly?

What is Eat Clean?
Eat Clean is one of the top and most popular diets in Vietnam today.
Eat Clean is a diet in which the foods used are clean, low-processed foods that retain a lot of natural ingredients.
The Eat Clean diet encourages you to eat whole foods (unprocessed or very processed foods) such as cereals, fruits, lean meats, colostrum, and nuts, and healthy fats.


This diet requires you to eliminate all foods containing saturated fat, industrial fat and processed foods. Sugar, soft drinks and alcohol are minimized.

The circumstances of the birth of Eat Clean?
The phrase “clean eating” – eating “clean” appeared from the 1960s with the meaning “Eat food in its most original form”.
At that time, many cultural revolutions were taking place and the food war was no exception. Using healthy, natural foods is synonymous with morality and the added value at that time.
The movement to use healthy food never disappeared and became more popular in the gym from that time.
Efficiency of Eat Clean
Help limit the consumption of cooked food too carefully, too picky.
Instead, Eat Clean aims to eat the most natural foods, eating only fresh foods according to the season, minimizing frozen foods, not using processed foods.

Eat Clean helps you lose weight naturally while ensuring adequate nutrition.
You still eat enough fat, vitamins, protein, flour …, just remove sugar, grease, additives (seasoning, monosodium glutamate). Use lean meat, white meat, seafood, mushrooms, beans; fiber, vitamins taken from vegetables, fruits; or “loaded” good fats from olive oil, sesame oil, avocado …
Still know when Eat Clean, eating more vegetables to help lose weight is right but too much harm
15 delicious fruits with less than 100 calories, you can eat scrambled without worrying about fat
Eat Clean helps to eat a lot of vegetables, fruits, good protein. These foods will help the body increase metabolism, thereby helping to burn excess energy, bright, smooth skin.
The principle of eating 6 meals a day makes users not hungry, to avoid eating out of control. At the same time help the stomach operate effectively, stay healthy, absorb nutrients better.

Keto diet

The Ketogenic diet (referred to as Keto for short) is a diet low in carbohydrates and high in healthy fats. When carbohydrate intake is reduced, your body will fall into a state called “Ketosis”.
In Ketosis, your body will burn more energy. At the same time, the pancreas will convert fat into ketones, providing energy for the brain. This diet can significantly reduce blood sugar and insulin levels. This can bring a lot of benefits to your health.


There are 4 main types of Keto diet:

  • Standard diet: In this diet, you eat extremely low carb (5%), moderate protein (20%), and high fat (75%)
  • Revolving keto diet: When you follow this diet, your carb intake will change with the day. For example, in 1 week you will have 5 days of low carb and 2 days of high carb.
  • Target keto diet: This diet will allow you to eat more carbs during exercise.
    High protein keto diet: It is similar to the standard diet but has a higher protein content, usually 5% carbs, 35% protein and 60% fat.
  • Among the above types, standard and high protein diets are the most widely used and popular. The remaining 2 regimes are usually only athletes who understand the applied nutritions.

This is an effective way to lose weight and limit your risk of gaining weight. Numerous studies show that the keto diet has an advantage over the low-fat diet. It will make you feel full so you can lose weight without counting calories or tracking the food intake.
One study found that people who followed the Keto diet could lose weight 2.2 times faster than those who followed a low-fat and strict calorie-reducing diet.

The number of triglycerides (the main ingredient in vegetable oils and animal fats) and HDL cholesterol (HDL is a form of healthy fat) has also been significantly improved.
Many other studies also show that people who follow this diet lose 3 times more weight effectively than those who follow the normal diet recommended by the British Diabetes Association.

The mistakes in training make your calves not only smaller but also bigger

For those who are less fortunate to have “column ” calf, exercise is the “savior” in the journey to regain slender calf. However, training to lose fat in this area is an arduous process. If you have planned to practice carefully, but your calves not only get smaller but also show signs of enlargement, see if you make any mistakes below.
Exercise too much
Calf size reduction is a long-term process that requires you to be patient, not burn the stage. If you think that just by working crazy, you can get rid of obnoxious calf fat quickly, you are wrong. In fact, exercising too much will backfire, leading to a few unwanted consequences.
Not only do you feel tired, exhausted, exercising too many causes painful muscle tension, swollen calves, and looks bigger than before. Therefore, to ensure that the plan to get slim tapered calves takes place smoothly, you should only practice up to 1-2 hours a day.

Change exercises continuously
According to experts, to maximize the effectiveness of the workout, you should spend at least 2 months for a physical exercise. However, many people who have just started doing this exercise once or twice, feeling that there is no clear result, have quickly switched to another exercise. Thus, the process of shrinking your calves will only follow a vicious cycle of changing cards and then changing cards without ever reaping the results because the body has not yet adapted. You need to stick with a calf exercise for 2 months, then change to a new exercise to interest in the practice.

Exercise irregularly
Irregular training, skipping mid-exercise is also one of the common causes of calf muscles getting bigger than before. At that time, the excess calories in the body are not really burned, the fat has the opportunity to return and accumulate under the skin at an even faster rate than before exercise. Therefore, if you do not want your calves to grow larger due to fat accumulation, try to exercise regularly every day during the process of shrinking the calves.

Not getting enough rest after training
During exercise, the muscles must operate at full capacity and under great pressure. Therefore, resting after training is an important role in the process of recovering from injuries and improving the efficiency of burning fat in the calf muscles in the next training session. In addition, adequate relaxation after exercise helps limit muscle tension causing swelling in the calf muscles. You should pay attention to getting enough sleep and avoiding hard work, especially the use of the leg muscles after training to reduce the calf muscles to achieve the highest training effect.

3 exercises slim waist

Step 1: Plank (Bridging)


Plank is a “legendary” movement that helps the abs become toned. Lie on your side with your elbows perpendicular to your shoulders. Lift your toes and hold your back, hips, and neck in a straight line. Hold this position for 30 seconds or longer, tighten the abdominal muscles, and maintain a steady breathing.

Step 2: Crunch your belly

Step 1: Lie on your back on the floor. With knees bent, feet reach the floor, shoulder-width apart. Place your hands lightly touching the back of your head.
Step 2: Inhale, tighten your stomach muscles, half of your body to an angle of 30 degrees. The buttocks and legs do not move. Exhale back to the original position. Perform the movement 20 times.
Note: Only lightly touch the head, use the abdominal muscles to perform, not the hands or neck muscles.

Step 3: Fold the belly and limbs


Step 1: Lie with your back on the floor, pull your knees up until your thighs are at a 90-degree angle to your body.
Step 2: Inhale, tighten your stomach muscles, half of your body to an angle of 30 degrees, while your arms are straight forward, your legs are stretched parallel to your hands. Exhale back to the original position. Perform the movement 20 times.

For effective abdominal exercises:

  • Perform 3 movements sequentially and repeat the sequence 2-3 times depending on the strength. Increasing the time, intensity of movements every day to quickly have a toned abdomen.
  • When exercising your abs, you will be hungry, prepare good foods for your ab exercises such as bananas, soy, apples, dark chocolate.
  • Combine scientific nutrition, limit eating starch after 3 pm, eat more chicken, salmon, egg white, broccoli. Do not drink carbonated soft drinks or alcohol. Drink 3 liters of water every day.

The fastest way to achieve Body Fitness (Part)

Fitness is a familiar term for young people today. But do you really understand what Fitness is and the right way to achieve Body Fitness yet? Let’s find out about the different aspects of Fitness below.


Fitness is fit, fit, fit and fit. As defined in the dictionary, Fitness refers to a person who possesses a fit, healthy, and healthy lifestyle. The general meaning of Fitness is a sport that helps people perfect their bodies, helping them live healthier and better lives.
Exercise Fitness gives you a harmonious and balanced body, not too big as Bodybuilding. Body Fitness emphasizes the aesthetic beauty of the body and the harmony of the muscles rather than the muscle size factor.


It is undeniable that Body Fitness originates from Bodybuilding. Both disciplines aim to build large muscle mass – obviously. But in fact, we all “implicitly” know that Body Fitness is more “beautiful” and “beautiful” than Bodybuilding.
In general, bodybuilding athletes of Bodybuilding have huge muscle mass, thick, sharp, clear division. While people who practice Body Fitness have more moderate muscle thickness, the muscles are softer, moderately floating, less sculpted.
In short, Bodybuilding focuses on a big body – while Fitness focuses on the balance factor.

The main goal of Bodybuilding is “big muscles”. Therefore, their workout plan usually includes exercises with few repetitions but focuses on high weight weights. They rarely do Cardio exercises.
Meanwhile, Fitness is the opposite. They often pay great attention to large muscle groups (back, chest). Once they gain ground, they will continue to work on their abs, legs, and buttocks. Fitness people often focus on cardio training program and the number of repetitions rather than weight as Bodybuilding.

The basic difference between Bodybuilding and Fitness is the calorie intake of the practitioner. When doing Fitness, the average person only loads about 2500 calories. Meanwhile, the Bodybuilder regularly consumes over 5000 calories.
In addition, the diet of both 2 is not much different. Their menu includes protein, starch, vitamins, vegetables, fruits, and supporting foods (Whey, BCAA, …). However, the Body Builder tends to abuse supportive foods more than Fitness.

In short, depending on the goals, you can practice in each direction accordingly. If you already intend to follow Fitness, continue reading below to learn how to practice Fitness in the best way.