Fitness difference

The difference between Fitness training and other bodybuilding exercises is that it focuses on the curves of the body. Fitness gives the practitioner a healthy body. and the most balanced. Fitness was born in the 70s of last century in Western countries. Then, it was put into competition by the World Bodybuilding Federation a few years ago.

Fitness has a strong impact on women’s fitness desire. Because when doing Fitness, the beauty between a woman’s muscle and body can have a harmonious and exalted combination. Therefore, it is not wrong to think that Fitness is the most complete, balanced and perfect for Fitness practitioners.

Fitness’ diet

For the best fitness process, you need to be aware of your diet in a scientific way. Provide adequate nutrition, not excess or lack to minimize the possibility of being obese or debilitating.

Depending on the condition of each person, there will be a different diet. You can refer to the formula: Height (cm) – 100. Then you should take 9/10 of that number to calculate the ideal weight to adjust the daily diet accordingly.

For those who exercise, the diet should focus on protein, calcium, some micronutrients for good muscle function and strong bones.

  • Protein: You should eat lean meat, lean seafood, beef, chicken.. During training, you should eat more vegetable protein to avoid High cholesterol such as tofu, soy foods …
  • Calcium: This is an important nutrient when exercising, you should supplement it by eating small shrimp with shells, simmering fish with bones, drinking calcium-rich milk on a regular basis or supplementing with vitamin D. multi-micronutrients tablets .. etc.
  • Fat: It is necessary to stay away from bad fats high in animal fats, for those who are looking to keep fit and lose weight, should only eat 1 fried or fried food (3-4ml of oil / fat / day).
  • Fiber: to compensate for the loss of water and minerals, you should add more green vegetables containing fiber, vitamins, and trace elements such as K, Mg, Cu, Zn .. Etc. has the effect of stimulating bowel movements, avoiding constipation and slowing down oxidation.
  • Water: When exercising, the body loses a lot of water due to exercise, so to balance water and electrolytes, you should supplement a lot of drinking water. In addition to normal white water, you can drink more water, lemon, fresh coconut or lemon salt …

Thus, in order for Fitness to be effective, you need to diversify the diets and focus on the most essential nutrients for the body. Certainly, with a scientific diet and reasonable exercise you will soon get in a toned, healthy and ideal figure.