What is yoga?
A form of practice called Yoga allows a person to relax by means of meditation and applies specific postures to the practice to stay healthy and relaxed. The method is native to Indian countries and has been popular around the world. It is proven that when practicing Yoga, the mind, body and soul relax as if you are sleeping. Some people use it as a weekly exercise because they believe it can release stress throughout the week.

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Yoga is a training method that requires a high level of mental and physical coordination at the same time. Based on the principle of controlling breathing and keeping the body in a position, thereby mastering and controlling the body’s flexibility, improving intelligence, health, and finding the true value of happiness. The magic of Yoga is through the practice of the body to initiate, help people to be enlightened, abandon unhealthy lifestyles, bad qualities, and improve themselves. With thousands of benefits of Yoga, it is considered the oldest and most reliable form of sports practice in the world.

Do yoga to improve health
Yoga brings great benefits to health such as Increasing flexibility and endurance, endurance for the body, helping the body to be healthier; Improve the activity of the organ systems (nervous system, circulation, digestive …). In addition, yoga also has the effect of developing muscles, helping muscles, body healthy and energetic in learning, work, and life.

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Daily yoga is also great therapy for prevention and treatment, health promotion. Yoga exercises have effects such as: Preventing joint diseases (reducing back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, aching joints); improve lung performance, stabilize blood sugar for diabetics; reduce the risk of heart disease.

Yoga helps you improve your beautiful physique
Especially, in yoga, fat people can lose weight, and thin people can gain weight.
Many people doubt the effectiveness of yoga when it comes to weight loss and yoga. But in fact, slow-intensity movements are often more difficult than high-intensity exercises. Yoga requires the entire muscles of the body to work at full capacity to complete difficult postures. The more muscle you work, the more protein you burn in your muscles. When muscle protein is exhausted, it will accelerate fat burning and excess energy consumption. In other words, Yoga is the most perfect discipline for muscle movement.
This is why many actors, models, singers practice yoga to improve and keep in shape. Doing yoga gives you toned muscles, balanced body, neat, helps people practice younger and more beautiful. In particular, moderate yoga exercises can be applied to both thin and fat people.
For fat people, yoga exercises help tone muscles, consume excess energy but not feel hungry, crave; have scientific nutrition, thereby improving physique efficiency. For thin people, yoga has the effect of boosting metabolism, stimulating blood circulation, improving digestion, helping to gain weight effectively and sustainably.