Experts say that more people are willing to spend an hour watching fitness influencer videos than taking the time to practice themselves.

Fitness influencers are the ones with a large following on social networks. Through sharing information and knowledge in the fields of health and fitness, they can influence the behavior of many people, especially young people.

One way these “net stars” often apply is to post videos on YouTube promising to be in good shape after 35 days of practice. Others show off their sexy bodies on their personal pages to target viewers’ jealousy and make them “click” on the latest practice video.

To avoid being asked about their diet, they also shared about the daily eating plan that has helped them “get toned abs, no fat”.

However, these tips also have downside. Many girls call themselves “influencers” and put on expensive sportswear, boasting millions of subscribers. They publish a series of exercise videos online with headlines that are loved by fitness enthusiasts. Exercises usually take no more than 15 minutes.

The implication of each post, video makes viewers understand that everyone can own “quality” photos, right to post like them. All are “effortless”.

“Lose belly fat in just 2 weeks ”

Chloe Ting is a YouTuber known for many home exercises. Ting currently has 14.1 million subscribers on its YouTube channel. She was the creator of the famous #ChloeTingChallenge hashtag in 2019.

This challenge promises to help participants reach their goals in 2 weeks, thanks to a workout routine of less than 10 minutes a day. This does not require complicated criteria, can be implemented immediately and only needs a ready body.

Ting’s videos have garnered more than 228 million views and have created a popular trend since their launch last August.

When typing #ChloeTingChallenge on a search engine, viewers will be overwhelmed by impressive “before – after” pictures. Most of them are pictures of young girls showing their slim breasts in front of the mirror.

There were times when I needed to apply Voltaren gel to relieve the pain, but in the end I made it. I realized I can do anything, just get really good ”, a challenge participant shared.