Fitness is a familiar term for young people today. But do you really understand what Fitness is and the right way to achieve Body Fitness yet? Let’s find out about the different aspects of Fitness below.


Fitness is fit, fit, fit and fit. As defined in the dictionary, Fitness refers to a person who possesses a fit, healthy, and healthy lifestyle. The general meaning of Fitness is a sport that helps people perfect their bodies, helping them live healthier and better lives.
Exercise Fitness gives you a harmonious and balanced body, not too big as Bodybuilding. Body Fitness emphasizes the aesthetic beauty of the body and the harmony of the muscles rather than the muscle size factor.


It is undeniable that Body Fitness originates from Bodybuilding. Both disciplines aim to build large muscle mass – obviously. But in fact, we all “implicitly” know that Body Fitness is more “beautiful” and “beautiful” than Bodybuilding.
In general, bodybuilding athletes of Bodybuilding have huge muscle mass, thick, sharp, clear division. While people who practice Body Fitness have more moderate muscle thickness, the muscles are softer, moderately floating, less sculpted.
In short, Bodybuilding focuses on a big body – while Fitness focuses on the balance factor.

The main goal of Bodybuilding is “big muscles”. Therefore, their workout plan usually includes exercises with few repetitions but focuses on high weight weights. They rarely do Cardio exercises.
Meanwhile, Fitness is the opposite. They often pay great attention to large muscle groups (back, chest). Once they gain ground, they will continue to work on their abs, legs, and buttocks. Fitness people often focus on cardio training program and the number of repetitions rather than weight as Bodybuilding.

The basic difference between Bodybuilding and Fitness is the calorie intake of the practitioner. When doing Fitness, the average person only loads about 2500 calories. Meanwhile, the Bodybuilder regularly consumes over 5000 calories.
In addition, the diet of both 2 is not much different. Their menu includes protein, starch, vitamins, vegetables, fruits, and supporting foods (Whey, BCAA, …). However, the Body Builder tends to abuse supportive foods more than Fitness.

In short, depending on the goals, you can practice in each direction accordingly. If you already intend to follow Fitness, continue reading below to learn how to practice Fitness in the best way.