What is the “Waist Trainer Waist Garter”?
The Waist Trainer or the gene for the waist, corset, latex is a beauty tool, helping girls to have an ‘hourglass’ body. This beauty tool is more than 5 centuries old, it was born in the 1500s and was named ‘Waist Trainer’ from the Victorian period in the 17th century.

What is the use of the Waist Trainer Waist Trainer?
Wearing a gene shirt that tightens your waist after a certain amount of time will give you a slim, ‘ant’ shape. You can see stars like the Kardashian sisters or businesswoman Jessica Alba love using this Waist Trainer waist belt gene and they see this as a ‘magic wand’ that helps them lose weight quickly.

Mistakes when using the waist harness gene

You will eat fewer thanks to the waist harness gene
The fact that you eat less is because your stomach is being compressed, it is under great pressure from the belt so you feel full when eating. But using a belt does not put your body in a state of calorie deficit (the principle of weight loss). After removing the gene, your stomach returns to normal, the cravings will cause you to load ‘compensate’.

You will lose weight thanks to the waistband gene
Waist Trainer vendors claim their product will make you sweat, which is equivalent to 30-40 continuous exercise and you lose weight from there. It’s correct! You can lose weight due to dehydration, but the fat will not lose! If you eat salty (sodium causes water retention), your body will gain weight again.

You will get a ‘56 waistline’ thanks to the waist harness gene
As Ari mentioned above, the belt will compress your abdominal cavity, causing a feeling of the smaller belly. But according to an expert on weight loss nutrition, Christopher Ochner, at Mount Sinai Hospital, New York, USA, confirms that this 500-year-old belt will squeeze the lungs and ribs that make you, causing difficulty breathing, hindering the system. Respiratory. Even cause fractures and fractures of your ribs. There has been a case of fainting from wearing a gene for so long, he said.