Exercise hardships can reduce excess fat in each part of the body, but it is a mistake to think that the more you sweat, the more body weight you lose. So in order to practice weight loss effectively, you must understand correctly and do it right.

The mechanism of sweat glands

The belief that when exercising, the more you sweat, the less body weight you will lose. However, this concept is not correct. The number of calories burned during exercise can not be determined only by sweating more or less.

When your body temperature is too high, your body cools itself by sweating. This is the excretion of water through the sweat glands located under the skin. In this way, the body temperature will decrease. The number of sweat glands varies from person to person and is determined by the gene. Studies show that if you are a sweaty person, it means that you have quite a few active sweat glands under the skin (2 to 4 million glands throughout the body on average).

Women usually have more sweat glands than men. But men’s sweat glands are more active than women (the rate of active glands is more than 50%). Female athletes often start sweating as the body temperature rises and goes deeper into the exercises. In contrast, men often sweat more when they are at the same temperature and exercise regime.

Sweating means you are dehydrated, not fat. Overweight people sweat more than normal people. Excess fat is like a blanket and increases body temperature. When you exercise, exercise a lot, your body will sweat to release less heat generated. That means that sweating doesn’t burn calories, it’s strongly related to other factors like muscle tissue and adipose tissue.

In fact, when you sweat, you can lose weight, but the weight loss is due to dehydration and minerals, not fat loss through sweat glands and sweating. And as soon as you rehydrate, your body returns to its original weight. Thus, it is clear that sweating does not increase calories burned, meaning that if you sweat a lot during exercise, you can still burn less fat than people who do not or shed less. sweat.

Real fat burning

So where does the weight loss mechanism really come from, if not by sweat? That is from the intensity of the exercise you are doing. If you lose weight simply by sweating, all you have to do is sit in front of the oven, or go to the sauna, or lie in the mid-day sun to sweat. But these don’t work at all.

Exercises for lose weight effectively

If you want to lose weight, you should do exercises with medium or high intensity. Some of the following exercises will help you “burn” fat and lose weight effectively: Aerobic exercise, brisk walking, jogging, skiing, swimming, cycling, dancing, boxing (boxing), hitting martial.

When you do any of these activities, your muscles draw energy from stored body fat, so fat is “burned” through the activities you do. In addition, along with proper diet, you will achieve the desired weight.

There are many different types of exercise, from crunching, cycling to jumping rope or walking, but generally you need to pay attention to endurance, which is at least 30 minutes to 1 hour at a time. Exercise and exercise regularly, the new high fat loss efficiency. Every morning, before breakfast, drink a glass of warm lemon juice, which helps to stimulate the digestive system and metabolic system to function effectively. Eat plenty of cucumbers, eat them at breakfast, lunch, dinner, and light meals. Scientific diet is a prerequisite for the success or failure of weight loss goals.