What is Eat Clean?
Eat Clean is one of the top and most popular diets in Vietnam today.
Eat Clean is a diet in which the foods used are clean, low-processed foods that retain a lot of natural ingredients.
The Eat Clean diet encourages you to eat whole foods (unprocessed or very processed foods) such as cereals, fruits, lean meats, colostrum, and nuts, and healthy fats.


This diet requires you to eliminate all foods containing saturated fat, industrial fat and processed foods. Sugar, soft drinks and alcohol are minimized.

The circumstances of the birth of Eat Clean?
The phrase “clean eating” – eating “clean” appeared from the 1960s with the meaning “Eat food in its most original form”.
At that time, many cultural revolutions were taking place and the food war was no exception. Using healthy, natural foods is synonymous with morality and the added value at that time.
The movement to use healthy food never disappeared and became more popular in the gym from that time.
Efficiency of Eat Clean
Help limit the consumption of cooked food too carefully, too picky.
Instead, Eat Clean aims to eat the most natural foods, eating only fresh foods according to the season, minimizing frozen foods, not using processed foods.

Eat Clean helps you lose weight naturally while ensuring adequate nutrition.
You still eat enough fat, vitamins, protein, flour …, just remove sugar, grease, additives (seasoning, monosodium glutamate). Use lean meat, white meat, seafood, mushrooms, beans; fiber, vitamins taken from vegetables, fruits; or “loaded” good fats from olive oil, sesame oil, avocado …
Still know when Eat Clean, eating more vegetables to help lose weight is right but too much harm
15 delicious fruits with less than 100 calories, you can eat scrambled without worrying about fat
Eat Clean helps to eat a lot of vegetables, fruits, good protein. These foods will help the body increase metabolism, thereby helping to burn excess energy, bright, smooth skin.
The principle of eating 6 meals a day makes users not hungry, to avoid eating out of control. At the same time help the stomach operate effectively, stay healthy, absorb nutrients better.